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Landscaping Company in Kolkata: It is the capital of Indian state West Bengal which is situated on the banks of Hooghly river. Kolkata is one of the four metro city in India which has population of around 45 lakhs, growing at the rate of 3% annually. In 2020, Kolkata was declared third most polluted city in India which has AQI of 266.  This level of pollution will leads to respiratory diseases, such as lung cancer & asthma. Due to over population, increase in factories and heavy traffic movement, the pollution seem uncontrolable today. Local authorities asked to sprinkle water on the roads so that pollution levels could be kept under control. They have also suggested to plant more trees and make a green zones to fight pollution. Trees absorb harmful chemicals from the air which help to control pollution.

Landscaping in Kolkata

Landscaping is a method for making a piece of land more attractive by making changes to the existing area by adding living element such as flora, fauna, fountains and Natural Grass. It is a method for changing a piece of land to improve its appearance.  Landscaping is commonly confused with gardening. Gardening focuses on maintaining plants and flowers, while landscaping known for designing and cultivating an entire area.

How to get started with Landscaping in Kolkata ?

Before starting a landscaping project, you must have a plan first. After this you have to see the project scope, budget and timeline. It will help you decide whether you do landscaping by yourself or hire a landscaping company in Kolkata.

  • DIY Landscaping

If you are just adding shrubs in front of your house or creating a stone path. DIY landscape project may be the right solution for you.

DIY landscaping have some advantages. You can save lots of money by doing it yourself, as you don’t have to pay for labour, landscape design and consultations. You can research online, take help from your family members, meaning you won’t be waiting for anyone to get the work done.

DIY Landscaping has disadvantages too. You are solely responsible for plotting your landscape design. You have to gather the necessary materials—and you may not get the same prices that a landscaping company could get on bulk supplies. There are lots of risk involve in it. Although you can try, Happy Landscaping.

  • Hire a Landscaping Company

If you have a large or small-scale landscape design in mind for your property and you don’t want to take headache for planning, labour, designing, material supply & logistics hiring a professional landscaping company is a smart choice.

If you have a hired a landscaping company that means you have professionals landscaper working on your yard. Not only they will plan your design and set project timelines, but they also have a team to execute your vision so that you’re not doing the work yourself.

If you’re planning for hiring a professional company, be sure to research online, customer feedback and check online reviews. This will help you find the right company to help you with your landscaping work and stay within your budget and time.

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