Organic Farming in Patna

Organic Farming in Patna: According to the report conducted on 2014-2015 headed by Bhartiya Janata Party MP Hukum Deo Narayan Yadav, about 292 districts of India account for consumption of 85 per cent of all of the country’s fertilisers. Besides, there are discrepancies in the use of fertilisers on the basis of chemical ratios. The current consumption ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) is 6.7:2.4:1 against their desirable ratio of 4:2:1. The current growth rate will be unable to feed the country’s population by 2025. The country needs to produce 300 million metric tonnes (mmt) of grains against its current output of 253 mmt. All the foods we eat today if full of fertilisers and chemicals.

Organic Farming in Patna

Organic Farming is a process of planting and growing vegetables and herbs naturally by using only biological materials without the use of any fertilisers and chemicals. This process increases the fertility of the soil and balances ecology that ultimately decreases pollution and wastage. It consists of principles of biological pest control, crop rotation, organic waste, and all the environment-friendly principles. Most farmers use chemicals to grow the vegetable and plants more quickly than usual to increase their sales and profit. The main idea behind Organic farming is to promote the use of natural ways to plant and grow vegetables and herbs to preserve the soil and environment as well as to protect the health of individuals that can be damaged by the vegetables that are planted and grown with the help chemicals.

Difference between Organic Farming and Conventional Farming

The major difference between Conventional Farming and Organic Farming is the use of chemicals. In conventional Farming, chemicals play an extensive role from planting to harvesting. Before sowing the seeds, the farmer uses chemicals on the soil to kill every natural fungicide. Afterwards, the farmer use fertilisers that contain petroleum. On the other hand, in organic farming, the farmer uses natural fertilisers such as manure to prepare the soil before sowing the seeds.

Benefits of Organic Farming

With the increasing population, the need for vegetables and other eatables is also increasing. To meet this increase in demand the farmers started to use chemicals to increase their production level. But it has impacted the planet and the individuals negatively. It has caused so many problems for the environment as well as individuals. Following are some of the reasons why you should opt for Organic Farming:

Nutrient-rich Vegetables

The most important benefit one gets from organic farming is nutrients. The vegetables that are grown are rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and others. This is because the methods that are used are sustainable and environment-friendly and don’t include any harmful chemicals


What makes something delicious is how it tastes. If we compare both vegetables of organic farming and conventional farming, the vegetables which are grown through the processes have a natural taste and better than that of conventional farming.

Soil Protection

When we grow the vegetables using this process it helps sustain and protect the soil. Because there is no use of any hazardous chemicals in this process. It helps the biological activity of the plants and crops in the soil.

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