Roof-Top/Terrace Gardening

Terrace Gardening in India

Rooftop/Terrace Gardening is the process of filling up the spaces of your home’s rooftop with plants. In this materialistic world, we hardly have any space left in our homes to have beautiful and natural plants placed that help us in so many ways. That’s why Rooftop gardening is a good alternative for gardens and landscaping. The benefits of having a rooftop garden are unimaginable. It is not just good for impression but it has a lot of health benefits as well. There are so many types of Rooftop Gardening to consider. One of them is a Fully Planted green roof. It is the process of covering the whole rooftop with soil and then installing plants in the soil. It covers all the area of the rooftop and gives it a beautiful and pleasant look. The other option that is available for rooftop gardening is the use of containers. By using these containers, we can create any style and shape of your garden. They can be a great choice for rooftop gardening because they are very light, easy to carry, and flexible.

Benefits of Rooftop/Terrace Gardening 

There are unlimited benefits of having a rooftop garden in your home. Some of them are stated here:

Air pollution control

We are living in an industrial era and surrounded by so many factories and vehicles that can cause a lot of air pollution in the environment. A rooftop full of plants and greenery can help you to have fresh and pollutant-free air in your environment. 

Greenhouse Gases

Gases like carbon dioxide, ozone, nitrous oxide, and methane cause the greenhouse effect, and these gas can be produced with the help of such gardens.


Rooftop Gardening can also beautify the environment of your home. Greenery is always eye-soothing and attracts so many habitats like birds. That can create a natural and lovely environment.

Reduced Stormwater runoff

Rain causes a lot of stormwater runoff which in return causes so many problems like floods. Rooftop gardens can help us reduce this runoff. It absorbs the water of the rain, which causes less or no stormwater runoff. Saving us from problems like floods.

Reduce Heat

Here in India, we face a lot of heat during summer and a lot of cold during winter. Rooftop gardening can help us cope with this problem as well. In summer when there is a lot of heat out there, the rooftop full of plants and gardens absorbs the heat and saves us from feeling that heat in our home.

Works as an insulator

Too much heat, as well as too much cold, can damage a building or home. The Rooftop Gardening works as an insulator and absorbs these conditions and provides a balanced temperature to the building.

If you are looking for Rooftop Gardening Services for your home or office then you can Book a Free Appointment with one of our experts to get into more details regarding your plan and design. Our expert will guide you for further process and suggest your best designs according to your area that will best suit it.

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